Company Analysis

Audit Advantage Consulting has been offering industry-first consulting solutions for over 10 years

Goal: It is the goal of AAC to optimize each customer’s credit card processing program in any way possible for a reasonable fee.

Focus: AAC is focused on program optimization in any area that effects credit card processing. These areas may include processor markup analysis, pricing type identification, interchange optimization, cost reduction, PCI, vendor selection and consultative services.


AAC has over 60 years of combined credit card processing industry experience. AAC currently analyzes close to $4 billion in credit card volume consisting of close to 3000 locations (MIDs). Our team has access to a tremendous amount of industry intelligence that provides us with the knowhow to guide our clients to successful outcomes. We are able to leverage our relationships to produce results. With an ever-changing environment, AAC recognizes the need to remain nimble and adapt to industry changes. We pride ourselves on personal and customized services for any situation. The AAC pricing model allows us to monitor, manage and minimize credit card processing costs at a much lower price than competitors.

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