Audit Advantage Terms and Conditions

  1. General Terms and Conditions


Audit Advantage is a service that members pay a one (1) time enrollment fee plus a monthly subscription fee. The service includes but is not limited to; reviewing your credit card processing statements, identifying overages (overages are identified as excessive/avoidable fees, price increases, qualification issues and inefficient pricing types), addressing any overages with your current processor, providing the member a monthly Audit Advantage Report, providing the member an email identifying the members’ programs performance. In the event the members’ processor fails or refuses to cooperate with Audit Advantage’s recommendations, Audit Advantage will recommend more favorable vendors.


  • Pricing, terms, conditions, features, benefits, policies and guarantees will apply independently per Merchant ID (MID)


  • Members enroll in Audit Advantage and pay a one (1) time enrollment fee of $149 for the first report (initial report can include unlimited prior statements). Every following month, members will automatically incur a $19.95/month recurring fee. Members may unenroll and reenroll at any time. There is no penalty to unenroll. Recurring fees will terminate within 5 business days of un-enrollment. Re-enrollments do not pay the one (1) time enrollment fee; however, re-enrollments will begin to automatically incur the $19.95/month recurring fee at the time of re-enrollment.


  • Merchants are eligible for a Performance Guarantee when they meet specific requirements (see Performance Guarantee below).


  • Member must enroll all MID’s to be eligible for Program Pricing, Benefits and Guarantees.


  • Participants in Audit Advantage will not be solicited for their credit card processing business.


  • Any materials received by Audit Advantage will be kept secure and confidential. Audit Advantage may use aggregated data collected through its services for other purposes.


  • Audit Advantage at its discretion, may choose to not allow a member to re-enroll.


  • Terms and Conditions may be subject to change.


Members can submit their statements by mail, e-mail, fax, or by granting Audit Advantage access to their online statements. Audit Advantage asks that we receive your complete processing statements no later than the 5th business day of each month.


Within 5 business days of receiving complete credit card processing statements and any other processor correspondence, Audit Advantage will e-mail an updated report as a PDF document. This Audit Advantage report will provide a comprehensive Effective Rate analysis, Achievable Effective Rate, Pricing Type Identification, Audit Advantage Indicators and an Itemized List of Overages/Excessive Fees. Accompanying each report will be a brief explanation of each Audit Advantage Indicator ‘stoplight’ and the accompanying Overages/Excessive Fee(s). This brief explanation will identify each overage in the member’s program and will provide simple directives to address each overage. Members can then chose to follow these directives to address overages in their program on their own or enlist one of our Audit Advantage professionals to communicate/negotiate on their behalf.


If requested, members may have an Audit Advantage professional on the phone when they contact their processor at no additional cost. Audit Advantage will advocate on member’s behalf with their processor, pinpoint inaccurate/excessive/avoidable fees and when applicable negotiate a reduction in processor markup. Audit Advantage does not make any guarantees of savings with member’s existing processor. If member’s processor is unwilling to negotiate and/or reduce costs, Audit Advantage will recommend an alternate vendor(s).

Vendor(s) recommended by Audit Advantage must meet the following performance and service standards:


  • Only offer transparent Cost-Plus/Interchange-Plus pricing
  • Agree to offer a program that is equivalent or better than the one proposed by Audit Advantage
  • Must lock rates for life and agree to never increase markup
  • Agree to match any competitors offer when provided in writing
  • Agree not to solicit Audit Advantage participants without their consent
  • Agree to offer superior customer service



  1. Refund Policy


Members are eligible to have their one (1) time enrollment fee refunded during the initial 30 days of enrollment for any reason.  After member’s initial 30 days of enrollment, Audit Advantage will refund your most recent monthly payment if you are ever unsatisfied and unenroll the member in the program.



  1. Performance Guarantee


  • If Audit Advantage has not identified at least $500 in overages at the end of the first year of enrollment, Audit Advantage will refund the enrollment fee and monthly subscription fees.


  • If Audit Advantage fails to identify any overages in your program, Audit Advantage will compensate you for those overages / increases until identified, up to $3,000/year, thru your current contract term.


  • Member must enroll all their business in Audit Advantage to be eligible for Performance Guarantee.


In order to be eligible for the Performance Guarantee members must have processed over $150,000 in annual Visa, MasterCard and Discover volume. Member must have paid the one (1) time enrollment fee of $149. Member must have paid the monthly fee of $19.95 and submitted completed credit card processing statements by the 5th business day for each month for twelve (12) consecutive months. Member must continue to be enrolled in the program to be eligible for any Performance Guarantee. Franchise, Corporate and large merchants may not be eligible.



  1. Payment Card Industry (PCI) Management Program


Audit Advantage offers a comprehensive suite of PCI management services for an additional $9.95 per MID that include:


  • Must be enrolled in Audit Advantage to participate in PCI program
  • Online and easy to follow Self-Assessment Questionnaires (SAQs)
  • Automated quarterly network scans with an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) if required
  • Instant access to $100K of breach protection Insurance that covers any losses in the event of a breach (Member must be continually enrolled in the PCI management services prior to any notice of breach to be eligible for Breach Insurance coverage)
  • Personalized assistance and technical support


Pricing and services may vary based on volume, number of merchant ID’s (MIDs) and scope of PCI needs. All PCI fees are non-refundable and require a 12 month commitment.