Buddy’s Home Furnishings has partnered with Audit Advantage to offer an exclusive PCI Compliance and Monthly Statement Analysis Program. Audit Advantage PCI and MONITOR are used by hundreds of RTO stores. We have saved Buddy’s franchises over $70,000.

Achieve and maintain PCI compliance

  • Complete, ‘white glove’ PCI program designed to get you compliant
  • $100,000 of breach protecton for each merchant ID
  • Automated quarterly network scans scheduled by Buddy’s corporate
  • Eliminates PCI program and non-compliance fees, saving you $443/year
  • Consolidated PCI questonnaires are completed for you

Credit card processing fee analysis and cost protecton

  • Comprehensive statement analysis and processing fee evaluaton every month
  • Minimizes your credit card processing costs
  • Eliminates junk fees and credit card processing fee overages
  • Guaranteed to make sure you are getng the most compettve pricing
  • Our advocates speak your processor’s language and fght to lower your costs

To download a copy of your breach protection policy, please visit:


What are people saying?

“Audit Advantage recently alerted us that our processor was going to increase our costs by 500%. They helped us lower our costs to their original rates.”
- Kevin Howell, Franchise Manager

“We appreciate Audit Advantage because they review our monthly statements and make sure that all our fees are valid.”
- Kevin Rankel, RTO Franchise Controller

“Audit Advantage helped me validate PCI compliance for dozens of locatons in one week, helping me eliminate hundreds of dollars in non-compliance fees.”
- Blake Weaver, RTO Vice President

Exclusive Buddy's Pricing:
$19.95/month per MID

Eliminate Confusion
Validate Compliance
Save Time & Money

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Exclusive Visa/MasterCard Interchange Settlement Claim Buyout Program