Charlie’s Bakery

Here’s an example of an actual merchant’s reports over time and what he discovered from his monthly Audit Advantage reports.

This busy retailer knew he didn’t have the time or knowledge to scrutinize his credit card program every month, but he knew he was probably spending too much money on it. With Audit Advantage’s monthly monitoring Charlie was able to save thousands of dollars. This case study shows how important it is to keep tabs on your credit card program every single month, not just once or twice a year.

Charlie’s Bakery – September 2011

In September, Charlie received a great report from Audit Advantage. No action needed.




Charlie’s Bakery – October 2011

In October, Audit Advantage alerted Charlie of an upcoming price/fee increase scheduled for November and recommended that Charlie contact his processor to avoid the increase.

By continuing to process without disputing the cost increase, Charlie would be consenting to the elevated fees.




Charlie’s Bakery – April 2012 – ACTION TAKEN SCENARIO

In this scenario, Charlie took Audit Advantage’s advice and contacted his processor who agreed not to raise his rates. Consequently, his program continued to be very competitive and his average effective rate outperformed the market.




Charlie’s Bakery – April 2012 NO ACTION TAKEN SCENARIO

This theoretical report shows what the consequences might have been if Charlie did NOT contact his processor back in October.If Charlie had ignored the rate increase warnings and continued to process, his rate would have increased in November, raising his average effective rate and generating unnecessary costs.