Audit Advantage: Frequently Asked Questions

Audit Advantage is a suite of credit card processing consulting services. We have combined over 50 years of credit card processing experience with a database of industry information to empower merchants with the best credit card processing solutions available in the marketplace. Our team will work with your existing vendor or help you choose the most competitive processor to ensure that you have the best program available. Our programs are designed to help you save time and money; so you can focus on running your business. No matter what your processing challenge is, Audit Advantage has a solution that works.

Merchants and business professionals don’t have the expertise or sophisticated understanding of the processing industry to handle many aspects of their credit card processing environment. 85% of merchants are overpaying for their credit card processing services. Selecting the right processor can be challenging. Contracts can be confusing and misleading. Converting to another processor can be time consuming. PCI Compliance can be frustrating. Audit Advantage has a suite of services that can help you save time and money when it comes to accepting credit cards.

Audit Advantage is designed to work for any size business. All of our products are scalable for small and large merchants. Audit Advantage currently helps merchants ranging from small family-owned businesses to large franchises with hundreds of locations. No matter how big your business is, Audit Advantage can help you achieve the best results at the lowest cost.

Yes, Audit Advantage is fully committed to information security and privacy. Your statements and your identity are always kept confidential. Your information will never be shared with any outside company. We take every effort to ensure that your sensitive information is kept secure.

Audit Advantage has clear and transparent pricing for each of our services. Pricing is available on each of our product pages. We offer discounts when you bundle services.

We do use your information to generate aggregated statistics and information for consultative purposes. That’s how we know that 85% of all merchants are overpaying and processors typically try to raise rates 1-2 times per year. Unless we have your permission, Audit Advantage will never share your information with any outside company. Audit Advantage will keep your information safe and secure.

Yes, many merchants have chosen to grant Audit Advantage access to their online statements for monthly analysis. This takes the hassle out of having to e-mail your statements every month.

Yes, at Audit Advantage we know what the most competitive rates are and we know which fees are legitimate. Our Audit Advantage team is composed of industry experts that can speak your processor’s language and add credibility to your demands. We will pinpoint our findings to your processor and ask that they improve your program. With Audit Advantage, you always know that we have processing partners that can offer you the most competitive rates if your processor won’t deliver.

You can enroll in Audit Advantage MONITOR by clicking here. You learn more about our other services by requesting a consultation on our website (, or e-mailing us at, or calling us at 877-799-2720.

Without Changing Processors

Across your tens, hundreds, or even thousands of retail locations, you process a lot of credit card and debit card transactions every single day. We all know that accepting plastic as a form of payment is good for business - it’s what most consumers prefer, and studies even show that buyers spend more when they’re charging the purchase rather than paying by cash - all of which helps you increase sales.

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