iNovate Web Design

See how iNovate Web Design reduced credit card processing cost with Audit Advantage’s expert assistance. Real savings, real results.




This is an example of an actual merchant’s reports over time and how Audit Advantage helped them manage/reduce their credit card processing costs.

Note: names have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

iNovate Web Design

September 2014

In July 2014, iNovate Web Design enrolled in Audit Advantage. iNovate thought they had a competitive program but realized they wanted an expert to monitor their credit card processing costs. After 3 months of statement analysis, iNovate could see that there some severe problems with their program and they were being overcharged by $6,257 every year. iNovate consulted with their Audit Advantage representative and decided to contact their processor to dispute the excessive costs and avoidable fees. Audit Advantage consultants attempted to negotiate with iNovate’s processor by demanding a more fairly priced program.

January 2015

In September 2014, iNovate decided to change processors after their existing processor refused to cooperate with the suggestions proposed by Audit Advantage. Audit Advantage recommended a reputable processor that guaranteed a fair program. Processors can increase rates, hide fees and add costs at any time so it is important for iNovate to monitor every month. iNovate continued to use Audit Advantage after changing processors to ensure that they were getting the most competitive program possible.