How to Lower Your Business Credit Card Processing Fees

Without Changing Processors

Across your tens, hundreds, or even thousands of retail locations, you process a lot of credit card and debit card transactions every single day. We all know that accepting plastic as a form of payment is good for business - it’s what most consumers prefer, and studies even show that buyers spend more when they’re charging the purchase rather than paying by cash - all of which helps you increase sales.

But every time one of your customers swipes their card or inserts their chip into your credit card processing machine, you get hit with a credit card processing fee. It may seem like a small percentage of your average purchase, but with thousands of credit card transactions happening in a single day or week, these fees rack up quickly, and impact your bottom line.

The question is: How do you lower your business credit card processing fees WITHOUT having to switch processors?


We aren’t a credit card processing company. Instead, we’re credit card processing fee consultants who are experts in the field. We speak the language of your credit card processor, we know how to spot fees for credit card transactions that may not be legitimate or fair, and we know exactly how to negotiate with your credit card processing company to deliver you credit card processing fee reductions.

Our auditors also love going line by line on your monthly credit card processing statements, and live and breathe numbers so you don’t have to.

What are you waiting for? Keep reading to learn how we can help you avoid credit card processing fees that are excessive and unnecessary.

What We’ll Teach You on This Page About How to Reduce Your Credit Card Processing Fees

Give us a few minutes of your time to read this webpage, and we’ll explain to you how we can help you lower credit card processing fees with ZERO upfront costs. That’s right. At Audit Advantage, we don’t charge you anything until we actually deliver you cost savings on your credit card processing fees.


Here's what we’ll be covering on this page:

  • Credit Card Processing Fee Basics
  • Audit Advantages 5-Step Process to Lowering Your Credit Card Processing Fees
  • 5 Tips for You To Deploy to Achieve Credit Card Processing Fee Reduction
  • Do You Need to Switch Processors?
  • What’s the Right Amount of Credit Card Processing Fees that Your Business Should be Paying?
  • What are the Next Steps to Start Saving Immediately?

Are you ready? Let’s go!

The 411 on Credit Card Processing Fees

A portion of your credit card processing fees are set in stone. But there’s also a portion that’s negotiable - and that’s where Audit Advantage comes in. Do you know how your credit card processor calculates the fee you pay every time someone hands you their credit card? Don’t worry, we’re about the break that down for you right now!

Pricing Models for Credit Card Processing Fees

When it comes to the world of credit card processing fees, there are 3 different types of models that credit card processors offer businesses like you:

"Flat Rate"

A “Flat Rate” model is very popular because it provides the merchant with a simple, single rate for all their transactions. This model is easy to understand, and costs are predictable; however, it eliminates the transparency and cost effectiveness provided by an “Interchange Plus” program because a merchant cannot see the underlying interchange costs that make up their “Flat Rate”.

“Tiered Pricing”

The “Tiered Pricing” model typically categorizes cards into 3 pricing tiers or ‘buckets’. Personal check/debit cards are charged a qualified rate, rewards/business cards are charged a non-qualified rate and everything else is charged a mid-qualified rate. “Tiered Pricing” is slightly better than a “Flat Rate” but it still doesn’t allow the transparency and efficiencies provided by “Interchange Plus” pricing.

“Interchange Plus”

The “Interchange Plus” pricing model, also known as “Cost Plus Pricing,” covers the non-negotiable interchange fees from banks, plus a markup from your credit card processing company that covers their overhead and delivers them their profit. This model is generally the most cost effective choice for ALL businesses that process a high volume of credit or debit card transactions.


Audit Advantage helps merchants using any pricing strategy, not just those who use Interchange Plus. However, we recommend having your processor convert you to Interchange Plus if you’re not on one. This allows for transparency of fees and markup.


Our 5-Step Process To Reducing Excessive Credit Card Processor Markup

To go head-to-head with credit card processors to avoid credit card processing fees, you need a plan. At Audit Advantage, we’ve got a tried and tested road map to deliver you savings. In fact, we’re so confident in our ability to lower credit card processing fees for you, we don’t charge you anything until you start saving!

Here’s our plan of attack:


We dig into your data and analyze your existing processing costs.


We provide you an easy-to-read report, which typically includes an expected 20-30% reduction in your credit card processing fees.


We negotiate a lower, more competitive markup fee with your credit card processor for you.


After an agreement on new processing fees is reached, Audit Advantage implements the program so you can start saving quickly - usually within 2-3 weeks.


Every month, we audit your credit card processing fee statements to ensure you’re still saving and getting a competitive market rate.

The best part is our savings plan never involves you needing to switch credit card processing companies, so you have no equipment or system changes at all!

5 Best Practices for To Help Your Business Save Even More

In addition to doing the hardline negotiating with your credit card processing company to reduce excessive credit card processor markup fees, we also share with you our tips and tricks that you can deploy throughout your organization to save even more.

Being smart about the types of purchases for which you allow credit or debit cards as a form of payment

Settling your batches quickly - ideally within 24 hours - so banks don’t charge you higher interchange fees

Setting minimum purchase prices in place for accepting credit cards or debit cards as a form of payment


Focusing on fraud reduction strategies so you don’t get charged credit card processing fees when identity thieves use stolen or cloned credit or debit cards at your locations

Using an Address Verification Service (AVS) to verify the addresses your customers’ input to the ones their banks have on file to help reduce fraudulent credit card transactions


With Audit Advantages Plan, You Can Save Big Without Switching Credit Card Processing Companies

You may think that the only way to really attain credit card processing cost reduction is to switch credit card processors. Think again.


With our plan, businesses like yours save on average 20-30% on their credit card processing fees by staying with their current credit card processor. That’s right.

Avoiding credit card processing fees and keeping more profit from your customers’ purchases doesn’t have to come with the headache of changing credit card processing systems.

In fact, when we negotiate and reach a deal with your existing credit card processing company, we also implement the new program in about 2-3 weeks so you don’t have extra work on your plate (because let’s face it, the last thing you need is an extra project to complete).

How Much Should You Be Paying in Credit Card Processing Fees?

Many businesses who reach out to us want to know what’s the ideal rate they should be paying in credit card processing fees. The truth is, the markup fee that your credit card processing company is going to charge you will rely on a variety of factors. But the main factor they’ll consider is the volume of credit and debit card transactions you process on a daily basis.

The more swipes and chip inserts you get, the lower your markup rate should be from your credit card processing company. While we can’t share with you confidential rates from our existing customers, we have a huge proprietary database of what other businesses are paying for the volume of transactions they run on a daily basis, which is how we know what competitive market rate to target for your organization.


Act Now to Start Saving Big

As we promised, we’ve broken down the complex world of credit card processing fees and how they’re calculated, explained our 5-step plan to lowering credit card processing fees without switching to a new credit card processing company, and given you 5 extra tips you can implement in your organization to save even more.

So, how do you start saving?

If you like what you’ve read, reach out to us today. We’ll want to learn about your business and the volume of credit card transactions you process in a day or a week, how you’re currently being charged by your credit card processing company, and what your goals are for lowering credit card processing fees.


After that, we’ll spring into action! And did we mention, we work on your behalf with no upfront fee?

That’s right. We’re so confident in our ability to help you avoid credit card processing fees that we do all the auditing, reporting, and negotiating on our dime. We don’t charge you a penny until you’re saving money on your credit card processing fees with the new payment program that we’ve proposed, negotiated, and implemented!


The Added Benefits of Partnering with Audit Advantage

Since there’s no upfront payment, there’s absolutely no risk in working with Audit Advantage. Trust our expertise and let us negotiate a better credit card processing payment rate for you, and you’ll only pay us when we deliver.

And best of yet, our relationship doesn’t end when you start saving. We keep working with you every month by auditing your credit card processing fee statements to make sure you’re really saving what you should, and that you’re paying a competitive market rate for your credit card processor’s services.

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