Main Street Bar & Grill


This is an example of an actual merchant’s reports over time and how Audit Advantage helped them manage/reduce their credit card processing costs.

Note: names have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

Main Street Bar & Grill

May 2014

Main Street Bar & Grill started using Audit Advantage in January 2014 and participated for 3 months. Main Street could see that they had a mediocre program and stopped sending statements for 2 months. When Main Street sent their May 2014 statement to Audit Advantage, they were alerted that they had incurred a significant price increase. Because Main Street failed to send statements every month, they had recently experienced an ‘Avoidable Fee’ increase that was going to cost them an additional $1,080 every year in additional processing costs.

June 2014

Audit Advantage was able to work with Main Street’s processor to eliminate the price increase that took effect the month before. Even though Main Street could see that they had some Red Indicator lights and Excessive Costs in their program, it was not severe enough to take immediate action. At this point, Main Street assumed their program had been fixed and stopped sending statements for several months.

June 2014

In December 2014, Main Street began sending statements to Audit Advantage. It was immediately apparent that Main Street’s credit card processor had begun charging an incorrect MasterCard ALF Fee. This expensive mistake by their processor resulted in thousands of dollars in Avoidable Fees. With Main Street on the phone, Audit Advantage was able to conference in their processor. Audit Advantage was able to negotiate on Main Street’s behalf and reduce the inaccurate fee. Unfortunately, Main Street’s processor refused to refund any of the excessive fees. Because of this costly mistake, Main Street has committed to sending their credit card processing statements EVERY month.

Audit Advantage was also able to restructure Main Street’s pricing type with their existing processor. This resulted in further savings and the elimination of the remaining Red Indicator lights on their Audit Advantage report. Audit Advantage was able to help Main Street get their program on track and eliminate all the problems with their processing program.