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Every quarter, Audit Advantage sends you industry updates and recent developments. Navigating the credit card processing world can be challenging, that's why it's important to have an advocate and an expert on your side. Audit Advantage is revolutionizing the processing world by getting you lower rates without switching processors and providing you with world-class cyber security solutions.

Audit Advantage has a new look!

For a long time, our customers have come to recognize the Audit Advantage stoplight logo. Our original MONITOR program helped customers identify payment processing savings with a unique 'stoplight' approach.

Our product offering has grown over the last few years, and we needed a logo that would take us beyond the stoplight. We spent several weeks discussing the branding we wanted to adopt. After much consideration, we'd like to welcome the new logo for Audit Advantage.

You still get the same amazing results, with a fresh new look.

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Credit card brands delay many interchange increases scheduled for April 2021

The credit card brands (i.e. Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express) increase interchange and brand fees in April every year.

Last year the major card brands decided, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, to postpone changes to interchange and brand fees until April 2021. As a result, the slated increases for April 2021 were quite extensive.

In an effort to support merchants, the card brands have chosen to limit the changes to interchange and brand fees that were scheduled to increase in April 2021.

Even though the card brands have chosen to postpone increases, credit card processors are still using this opportunity to increase fees.

For customers enrolled in Audit Advantage REDUCE or MONITOR, we are disputing these fee increases.

If you'd like to avoid these fee increases, make sure you are enrolled in Audit Advantage REDUCE or MONITOR.

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Interactive PCI Annual Checklist

PCI compliance can seem like an overwhelming task if you don't use a PCI management solution like Audit Advantage PCI.

The Audit Advantage program is powered by our partners at Security Metrics. They have prepared a handout that divides PCI responsibilities into a simplified annual checklist. Click here to see the checklist!

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