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Every quarter, Audit Advantage sends you industry updates and recent developments. Navigating the credit card processing world can be challenging, that's why it's important to have an advocate and an expert on your side. Audit Advantage is revolutionizing the processing world by getting you lower rates without switching processors and providing you with world-class cyber security solutions.

Top 5 reasons you should avoid your processor's self-service PCI program

PCI compliance can be a cumbersome and time consuming process. For years, merchants have suffered from avoidable non-compliance fees and placed their business at risk to a devastating data breach.
Here are the Top 5 Reasons why you should avoid your processor's self-service PCI program and stick with Audit Advantage PCI + Cyber:
  1. They don't always scan your network for threats
  2. Processors downplay the importance of PCI
  3. You don't get the necessary policies and procedures
  4. You'll waste valuable time completing requirements
  5. Your business won't be safe without breach protection
Audit Advantage PCI + Cyber is a fully managed PCI + cyber security solution that solves all the shortfalls we just listed.
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Tokenizing your transactions can result in lower fees

Tokenization replaces your sensitive card data with a jumble of letters and numbers that are useless to a hacker.
In general, to “tokenize” something means to replace it with something else that represents the original but that is useless outside a certain context. The idea is similar to the tokens you might buy at a carnival in place of cash.
Everyone in the payment processing environment benefits from the use of tokenization; except for the hackers. For merchants, credit card issuers and payment networks, tokenization reduces fraud, which reduces the cost of doing business.
The reduced risk of tokenized transactions results in reduced credit card processing fees and interchange costs.
Tokenization is just one of the areas that Audit Advantage evaluates when helping our customers reduce their credit card processing costs.
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2021 Guide to PCI Compliance

Each year, our PCI partner, Security Metrics, releases their updated Guide to PCI Compliance; and this year's guide is better than ever.
The Guide to PCI Compliance is an excellent resource for you to increase payment security and simplify PCI compliance. Here are a few things that are new in this year's guide:
  • Information about PCI DSS 4.0
  • New tips from auditors
  • Suggestions for remote work environments
  • 2020 breach investigation stats
CLICK HERE to download the 2021 Guide to PCI Compliance.

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