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Every quarter, Audit Advantage sends you industry updates and recent developments. Navigating the credit card processing world can be challenging, that's why it's important to have an advocate and an expert on your side. Audit Advantage is revolutionizing the processing world by getting you lower rates without switching processors and providing you with world-class cyber security solutions.

Do you know the 2 main components of your credit card processing costs?

Credit card processing fees are confusing by design. It can be difficult to understand what you are paying for. Processors are always looking for ways to make more profit at your expense by hiding fees and increasing costs.

In this article we will explain the 2 major components of your credit card processing costs and which fees you can control.

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New Release - 2022 Guide to PCI Compliance

Every year our PCI partners at Security Metrics prepare a comprehensive guide to PCI DSS compliance. This guide is an essential resource to increase payment security and inform merchants about the world of payment card industry compliance.

The latest edition of the guide contains information about the following:

  • The latest information about PCI DSS 4.0
  • Tips from auditors including remote work envioronments
  • Recent compliance trends and forensic statistics

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Help a friend save $4,800 at each location

The average Audit Advantage customer saves $4,800 WITHOUT switching credit card processors. Now is the best time to help a friend reduce one of their biggest business expenses.

If you know another business owner that likes to save money, please introduce them to Audit Advantage.

If your referral signs up with Audit Advantage, we will send you a $250 gift card if they enroll in 1 program, or a $500 gift card if they enroll in 2 programs.

Send your referrals to Brooke Gaztambide:

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