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Every quarter, Audit Advantage sends you industry updates and recent developments. Navigating the credit card processing world can be challenging, that's why it's important to have an advocate and an expert on your side. Audit Advantage is revolutionizing the processing world by getting you lower rates without switching processors and providing you with world-class cyber security solutions.

Monitoring your statements

Monitoring your statements is the best way to keep your program competitive after REDUCE

One of the most common things we hear from merchants is that they are not monitoring their credit card processing statements or their fees each month.
Credit card processing fees can be confusing. Understanding the legitimacy and accuracy of all the fees on your statement is an impossible task without the right expertise. Additionally, processors raise their rates 2-3 times EVERY year.
Don't worry, Audit Advantage has your back!
Audit Advantage MONITOR is the perfect solution for any merchant coming off our REDUCE program.
You've worked hard to get a competitive program. Don't let all those savings go to waste. Click here to contact Audit Advantage and learn more about MONITOR.
processor fees

Monitoring your statements is the best way to keep your program competitive after REDUCE

Audit Advantage has been helping business owners streamline and lower their credit card processing fees by eliminating dozens of junk fees that appear on their merchant statements.
Audit Advantage customers typically pay 65% fewer processor fees than their peers, saving $1,000's. Here are just a few of the fees Audit Advantage recently eliminated from processing statements:
  • Transaction Risk Fees
  • PCI Program Fees
  • Discount Fees
  • Per Item and Authorization Fees
To learn more about Audit Advantage REDUCE and how we can help you save money WITHOUT SWITCHING PROCESSORS, click here to contact us!

2021 Security Year Review

Curious to know what happened in the world of PCI compliance last year?
Our PCI partner, Security Metrics has released an informative video that covers the following topics:
  • Trends from 2021
  • Data breaches from the past year
  • Important lessons learned
CLICK HERE to view the 2021 Security Year Review.
PCI compliance and cyber security are more important than ever. Don't get stuck paying non-compliance fees and putting your business at risk by using your processor's self-service program.
Audit Advantage PCI + Cyber offers a FULL-SERVICE solution that keeps your business safe. We guarantee compliance, we do all the work, we replace your processor's program and we take the headache out of PCI.

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