Audit Advantage REDUCE

Credit Card Processing Cost Reduction

— Lower your credit card processing fees by having our team of industry experts structure a more cost-effective program with your current processor.


of achieved and verifiable savings
for a term of 24 months

Benefits Include:

  • Reduce one of your costliest business expenses
  • You pay nothing unless you save (zero downside)
  • Audit Advantage does all the work
  • No need to switch processors
  • Achieve better results in less time than doing it on your own
  • No disruption to your current operations
  • Save time and money

How It Works

Step 1

Our team of industry insiders prepare a comprehensive analysis of your current processing costs, including:

a. Interchange
b. Brand Fees
c. Assessments
d. Monthly fees
e. Processor markup

Step 2

We provide you with a summary of our findings

We typically save you 20-30% off your current processing costs

Step 3

Our experts work directly with your processor and negotiate a world-class program on your behalf

We speak your processor’s language and we achieve better results than doing it on your own

Step 4

We coordinate the implementation and achieve savings within 2-3 weeks

Step 5

Monthly audits ensure your program stays competitive after implementation

Reduce costs with Audit Advantage today!