Audit Advantage MONITOR

Credit Card Fee Cost Reduction or Reduce Credit Card Fees

— Save money by monitoring the fees on your existing credit card processing solution. Our service includes a comprehensive credit card processing fee analysis, custom report, market comparison and cost reduction advice.
  • Program A (monthly monitoring)
  •             $ 19.95
                       per month
  • One-time enrollment fee of $149
  • Immediate 10% discount when bundled with other AAC products
  • Personalized report indicates areas of potential savings
  • Up to 1 hour of one-on-one consulting
  • Automated statement downloads from your online portal
  • Guaranteed to identify $500 in savings during the first year, otherwise participant receives a $500 Visa Cash Card
  • Reimbursement for any unidentified overages appearing in participant’s statements
  • Cancel anytime
  • Program B (one-time review)
  • $ 49.95
    per audit
  • Custom pricing for multiple MIDs.
  • Users can convert to program A at the reduced cost of $129 enrollment fee + $19.95/month
  • No added benefits

How It Works

Every month a highly trained auditor will review your merchant processing statements to identify key overages and increases in fees.

Step 1

Enroll in Audit Advantage. Our pricing makes it affordable for everyone!

Step 2

Send us your statements (and other processor correspondence) every month.

Step 3

We analyze every aspect of your program for competitiveness and legitimacy. We conduct peer comparisons and industry best evaluations.

Step 4

We send you a comprehensive monthly report that highlights excessive costs, junk fees, avoidable markup, qualification issues and impending rate increases

Step 5

Take action based on your report and pat yourself on the back for reducing your credit card processing expenses!

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